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Sustainable Energy



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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading renewable power technology company in Switzerland and India  . We are having correspondence and expertise in parts of globe for better performance of our products and service support.
We have a streamline business value chain which we run with high efficient Management team. Our Team comprises of senior scientist , professors, technology experts, administrators and marketing experts."In 2013 Gimpexi Corporation Switzerland completely acquired and made Swiss SunKom Brand in Switzerland and has established  Sunkom Power in India, one of the companies formed to deliver complex projects to the most exacting performance standards for infrastructure , agriculture technology and hospitality.Sunkom and Solar India collaborated and there investors in India are global leader in engineering, construction, project management and advanced technology facilities with a heritage spanning over 20 years. With annual revenues in excess of 2.4 million, it has evolved themselves to become a pioneer of the solar industry. They have the backing of long term shareholders investors for there project all around the country.

SunKom  operations began in Switzerland, where they led the solar industry’s growth to a staggering new stage of development in Asia and Middle East .  Unique for the industry, SunKom and Solar India brands are registered in India and there services extend across the entire supply chain from R&D and EPC, to manufacturing and retailing direct to the public.
German excellence in engineering together with scientific innovation has enabled them  to emerge as a market leader in the solar power industry delivering ‘ Value Of Sun ’ by providing high efficiency solar systems at the best possible price.

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