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Our team of experts in the fields of Renewable Energy, Finance and India market strategies can help you tap into India’s Solar Energy Market with


Advisory Services

  • Acquisition of projects

  • Joint Ventures

  • Financial Closure


Project Development Consulting

  • Utility Scale projects

  • Solar Parks

  • Rooftop Solar

  • Solar Pumping


Regulatory Affairs

  • Company Formation

  • Bidding to secure PPAs or third party PPA under open access

  • Tariff determination


Solar Power Projects

  • Performance Monitoring

  • O&M Services

  • Asset Management

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Our experienced team provides integrated commercial and industrial solar development services, navigating the complexities of project siting, planning, permitting, and construction. We believe in uncompromising integrity, working closely with our clients in a partnership founded on expertise, dedication, and unparalleled performance..


Sunkom initiates the process by conducting a thorough site analysis including various aspects such as availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation. As one of the leading system integrators in India – we leverage our strong existing relationships with various suppliers to source components at highly competitive rates while our vendor-neutral approach aides us in choosing the most appropriate components based on individual site, quality and cost factors.


Sunkom strives to ensure timely and professional execution of its projects. Project managers oversee all activities ranging from logistical, technical, land procurement and safety issues. Preparation of appropriate documentation with the required on site approvals ensure coordinated construction without external interruptions. Adequate quality control procedures ensure the ability of our projects to deliver highest generation levels and minimize future maintenance problems.


We provide customers with the ability to monitor the details of their solar plant by offering digital access to its real-time performance via our client login portal. Sunkom continues to have most of its installed solar PV plants for operation and maintenance responsibilities under its O&M division.

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